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2010-06-28 12:29:13 GMT
twentyforty Trusted


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*** 2-pass encoding for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox. ***
*** Video is 576x320 H264; audio is stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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Monday:  True Blood, The Gates, Hung as 320p H264;


Thank you my friend!!
oh, man. no entourage. anyway, thanks for this, 2040. true blood is so awesome.
Hi 20-40,
Thanks for the encode/upload.


@ALL - Give Hung a chance and please seed
@kennitz: Could you please explain what "Format Factory" is - without posting any external links. Please. If it is one of zillion re-encoding programs based on stolen/semi-stolen ffmpeg/libavcodec code or library - I beg you to reconsider it.
just did a google search on "format factory" and it does appear to use ffmpeg. Is it actually any better even though its proprietary? thought h264 was the most advanced atm. Only thing you can do is increase the reference frames/b frames / estimation method?
@jjabrams: As you maybe already know, I do not use ffmpeg nor any associated code. However, if needed, my tool-chain could use libavcodec and friends (avformat, avdevice and avutil) but I choose that very rarely (in fact, I cannot remember last time when were used). What bothers me (and ffmpeg developers too) is now few dozen cases of directly stolen code (verbatim) for standalones and commercial players. FFmpeg always have been free and GPL-ed, one way or another, and I find zillion of one-click re-encoding programs which do things based on ffmpeg code without proper announcement nor thanking (nor questions) to ffmpeg developers extremely annoying - they just add shit to already present chaos. For worse - 99.99% of these small wonders malfunctions pretty badly and users CANNOT change a thing due to limitations of those GUI-s.
In recent years I've tested majority of those and not a single one could perform any way near the way I do it with - also one click.
Only HandBrake and MeGUI for H264 encoding; ConvertX for some conversions and AVS video converter for quick-dirty Flash conversions (but also heavily limited) are good, other are rubbish. Some "smells" fine (as MediaCoder) but create not-compliant files or badly broken ones. So...