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Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/1
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Retired Expert Pilot John Lear No Planes Hit the Towers on 9-11 XviD AVI Jewish Conspiracy Truth Wake up Sheeple OVERTHROW YOUR GOVERNMENT Turn off your teLIEvision QUESTION EVERYTHING
2019-09-12 00:10:52 GMT
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Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9-11 XviD AVI.avi - 41min 47s 640 x 360

Listen folks, it was NOT a Hologram it was CGI (Computer Generated Images) saying it was a Hologram let's the media off the hook.. There were no planes and no victims and no muslims involved whatsoever at all!! But take this information for what it is worth, do that with everything.. Look at everything hear all sides consider all things and expand your mind and horizon, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER WE HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED THROUGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!!! EDUCATE YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU!! You know it's a LIE when Hollywood makes a movie to reinforce the LIE!! I just LOVE the part with the Red Bandana and Passport flying out unscathed, do government really beLIEve that US and the world population is so dumb? Or they just don't give a fuck?! That's right, your government does NOT give a damn about you or your family at all, they see all of you as nothing but useless eaters and cannon fodder they send you off to die in wars based on total BS lies!! NO ONE DIED ON 9/11 NO ONE GOT HURT!! Research and watch Simon Shack's September Clues Documentary to get the big picture of what REALLY happened on this HOAX day.. HAPPY HOAX DAY!! SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILDFIRE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND TELL THEM TO DO THE SAME SO THIS TRUTH CAN REACH CRITICAL MASS!! STOP PAYING TAXES, THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING YOU TO PAY AN INCOME TAX IT IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY, TAXATION IS THEFT, EXTORTION, MAFIA TACTICS AND STRONG-ARMING, IT IS TIME TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THESE THUGS AND THIEVES, STORM THE CASTLE AND LYNCH THE BASTARDS FOR ILLEGAL IMMORAL WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND TREASON TO THE PEOPLE, DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!! TOTAL NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE SLAVE BEAST SYSTEM IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD, TAKE ALL OF YOUR FIAT CURRENCY MONOPOLY DEBT DOLLARS OUT OF THE BANK, GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC NON-GMO HEIRLOOM SEED GARDEN AND SHARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS/LOCAL COMMUNITY, MAKE YOUR COMMUNITIES SELF-SUFFICIENT!! Fuck the Government, Fuck the Police and Fuck the so called "Elite" Illuminati Rothschild Psychopaths who own this world and rule over us, your rule over us is coming to an end more and more people are waking up everyday and your days of lies and your corrupt empire are numbered!!!!

THIS is freedom, I LOVE FREE SPEECH, we have enemies out here though folks they are censoring the FUCK out of ME roflcopter2110 please please support me even more tell your friends, family and white neighbors get involved get active take action the time for ACTION is NOW!! It is time to take this TRUTH to the STREETS and SHOUT IT for ALL to hear!! Time is running out we are losing our right to say what we want when we want and how we want to say it..

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OKAY Goyz n Gals I am being fucking CENSORED by 1337x they are an enemy of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and an enemy of TRUTH!! BOYCOTT 1337x and Glodls STOP USING THOSE SITES!! NOW is the time to spread the word more than ever before, SHOUT THE TRUTH IN THE STREETS FOR ALL TO HEAR, JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US, FIGHT FOR YOUR PEOPLE!! They just hate us because we are white.. Can't even say the word nigger anymore, "Oh that's hate speech, SHUT IT DOWN!!" fucking RIDICULOUS!!
I heard you were banned from there for posting links to child pornography involving little boys.
@MovieMan27 they are full of shit I'm not a perverted, demented freak that would be the Jews.. Jews Rape Kids, that is a FACT!! Lots of people talk shit about me because my words of TRUTH have POWER!! They fear their crimes being exposed.. I won't stop fighting till I'm dead this system MUST be overthrown.. Sheeple are cowards, I hate statists!! Fuck the Government they are NOT your friend.. Fuck the Media it's all anti-white..
there are limits to freedom of speech, and you do openly call for mass murder based on lunatic ideas and hatred rooted in your own fears and need for belonging